Moby-Extreme ways

 Moby - Extreme Ways .mp3
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This is my section on quake live health, typically when you spawn you start with 125hp and this will gradually decrease claim any more over 100 it will start decreasing slowly, these are the health packs you can pick up:

This will increase your health by 5 health points. Once your health points are higher than the base health this will decrease back to 100.

This gives you 25 health points for a max of 100 health points.

This bubble grants you 50 health instantly to a maximum of 100.

This power-up gives you 100 health points for a max of 200 health points. Once picked up, the Mega Health decreases 1 health point per second until you are back to your base health. Respawns every 35 seconds, on some maps the respawn time is every two minutes.