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Welcome to my post about quake live weapons these are my weapon descriptions, ill be only describing the main weapons used:

Shotgun: Perfect at close range and doesn't require much accuracy because of the area range of the shell. This ultimately makes it perfect for beginners who may struggle to get to terms with quick aiming if any at all. This weapon will deal serious amount of damage when at a close range but fails miserably anywhere else.
- Beginner friendly
- Wide area shot 
- Deadly close range and a good chance of hitting at that range
- Awful at medium to long range

Rocket Launchers: In difference to the shotgun, rocket launchers require a fair bit more accuracy especially if you want fire at medium-long range, the great thing is about this weapon is that even at the longest distance no damage will be lost upon impact. and if you do get a direct hit it can deal up to 100 damage to an enemy with no armour. The splash damage is also huge and you can easily pick up multi kills in compact areas of maps.
- Can deal huge damage on impact or in splash damage
- Large splash damage area
- Perfect in compact maps and areas at close range 
- More accuracy required for longer distanced firing
- Can injure yourselves by firing against walls because of splash damage.

Plasma gun: This gun can be useful in very few situations unfortunately and sometimes you can only get kills from luck with it, the situations I would recommend it down small corridors and in straight lines. Beware this weapon will run out of ammo very quickly and your only provided with 50 shots which disappear quicker then you think.
- Down corridors and straight lines
- Relatively powerful
- Difficult to hit moving targets
- When you fire against walls when you are standing near it does a small amount of damage to yourself

Lightning gun: The lightning gun if used appropriately can bedevastating, this weapon requires good accuracy and you are given ammo in plenty.
One hit = 9 damage at close range
One hit = 8 medium range
One hit = 7 long range
- lots of ammo to start with
- A universal weapon can compete against any other weapon at any range
- No clear disadvantage

Railgun: The railgun is usually for the more skilled quake live players because of the extreme accuracy needed to hit enemies with it, however when a hit is landed on a foe the usual damage is around 70. The railgun is the equivalent of a sniper so it really should be avoided using at close range.
- deals high damage
- the best weapon to use at long range
- close range its a failure
- takes a small time to re load the gun after each shot like 1-2 seconds

Grenade launcher: Should be used with caution especially when your firing upwards because the grenades will fall back down and possibly kill or injure you. The grenades are not propelled very far when fired so don't expect to use this in any range other then close. Also when the grenades are fired they nearly always hard to hit an exact spot so they can hit complete random areas. Great for firing downwards or into corridors.
- firing into corridors or downwards
- lots of ammo
- deals splash damage
- can hit no where near where you want it to
- doesn't fire very far
- can damage yourself easily