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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Carried Items

You will not find these in any FFA matches just to warn you, to use the item you have collected press the "use item" button, mine is set as the scroll button yours maybe different so make sure you find out before you start collecting these items.


When used, the Invulnerability power-up will freeze the player wherever they are, on the ground or in the air. While suspended, they are surrounded by a nearly impenetrable purple shield. They can still turn and fire at enemies.


A suicide power-up that when activated, detonates the player and creates a powerful explosion that can frag anyone in a very large area. A player with this power-up will be seen with skulls circling their avatar.


A restorative power-up, the Medkit will instantly boost the players health to a maximum of 125. After being picked up, the Medkit respawns in sixty seconds.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Latest News

Free Premium event through September 24thSITE NEWS | Sep 16, 2010 | radix
Hi everybody! This week we want to show our standard users how great our Premium and Pro memberships are. To do that, all week we'll be providing FREE access to Premium content throughout QUAKE LIVE. In addition to that, when you buy a Premium or Pro subscription, you'll be getting a free one-month token that you can give to a friend or redeem for yourself.

The free premium access this week will grant all users the same features that our Premium members have:

- Join premium matches to play on any of the 20 new arenas,
- Play the premium-only FreezeTag game type,
- Create clans, and join more than one clan,
- Connect to matches without seeing a pre-game advertisement

About the tokens: when you buy a Premium or Pro subscription, you'll be granted a one-month token of the same level of membership that you purchased. We encourage you to give them to friends! You'll be shown the token at the end of the checkout process, but you can also see any tokens you own on your Account Settings page, so don't worry about forgetting it. Tokens can also be redeemed on the Account Settings page.

One important note about clans: since premium access grants the ability to join more than one clan as well as the ability to create clans, anyone who does so without buying a Premium (or Pro!) subscription by the end of the week will be removed from those clans.

The event will be running all through the week until the midnight of September 24th (EST). We hope you enjoy the Premium content!

CTF Power ups

In CTF you find these power ups on the map and you can only hold one at a time, once one has been picked up it stays with you till death. There is no buttons required to be used to activate it, the power up is automatic.
Armor Regeneration

This power-up will regenerate your armor at 10 armor per second until full.


Beneficial in multiple ways, the Scout power-up grants the player double speed when moving and firing as well as silent footsteps and invulnerability to damage from their own weapon.


Requires the opponent to do 1.5x more damage to yourself to result in the same amount of health/armor lost.


This increases the amount of damage you can inflict on your opponent by 1.5x.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Temporary Items


When you get this power up, every weapon's damage is multiplied by 3 for a duration of 30 seconds. Respawns after 2 minutes.


When you receive damage, this will regenerate your health points for a maximum of 200 health points. The lower your health is, the higher the rate of increase is.