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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Carried Items

You will not find these in any FFA matches just to warn you, to use the item you have collected press the "use item" button, mine is set as the scroll button yours maybe different so make sure you find out before you start collecting these items.


When used, the Invulnerability power-up will freeze the player wherever they are, on the ground or in the air. While suspended, they are surrounded by a nearly impenetrable purple shield. They can still turn and fire at enemies.


A suicide power-up that when activated, detonates the player and creates a powerful explosion that can frag anyone in a very large area. A player with this power-up will be seen with skulls circling their avatar.


A restorative power-up, the Medkit will instantly boost the players health to a maximum of 125. After being picked up, the Medkit respawns in sixty seconds.


  1. epic guide op will use this when i rape quake

  2. I didn't even know about the kamikaze thing :D

  3. Quake is still one of my favorite games. I haven't played it in awhile so seeing these power-ups brings back some great memories.

  4. very cool, i never played quake much but reading about it makes me want to give it a try